Drug Shortage / Backordered

Drug shortages can occur for a variety of reasons, some of which may include manufacturing issues and delays, concerns with the manufacturer quality system, natural disasters, increased demand for a drug, active or inactive ingredient shortages, or due to manufacturer discontinuations. Drug shortage can adversely impact patient care and result in in delays of medical procedures.

ASP Cares is an FDA registered, 503B outsourcing facility that specializes in compounding back-ordered, discontinued medications. Physicians and hospital systems should obtain drugs on the shortage list from a 503B outsourcing facility since quality is integrated into every product. All injectable medications are tested for potency, sterility, bacterial endotoxins limits, and subvisible particulate matter prior to release.

The FDA maintains a database of the Current and Resolved Drug Shortages and Discontinuations on their website. Click here to see the drugs currently in shortage.

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